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Are you a veteran loan officer who feels that there has to be a better way of getting loans closed? Are you a producing loan officer who believes that the changes in our industry are hurting your ability to make a living? If so, I invite you to look at First Republic Mortgage Corp. as a company that you want to consider working for. Why do I say “consider”? Because this is your career we are talking about. Not a new pair of shoes or a new restaurant you have been dying to try. We take the decision to change companies just as serious as you do. We take keeping you as an employee even more seriously. We believe that you are our top priority. We take care of you, you take care of our customers, and that takes care of the company.

We offer one of the most competitive rate, closing cost and commission structures we are aware of. We also involve you in the decision making. We do not believe “one size fits all”. We work with you in determining the exact package of tools that you need to be successful. We also do not believe in getting in the way. Do you have a great idea? Will it help you grow your business? We are the decision makers. No need for lengthy conference calls, waiting on “legal”, or delays due to a corporate vacation.

If this sounds intriguing to you, let’s get together to see if this is a match.

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